SAP NetWeaver Fundamentals – What Can SAP NetWeaver Do for You


SAP NetWeaver is an integrated technology platform which  sap 培訓 provides seamless integration of different systems and business processes reducing the overall cost of ownership of information technology for an enterprise. To better compete in today’s brutal markets, it is important for companies, to constantly evolve their business processes for efficiently serving their customers. SAP NetWeaver not only helps build efficiency in business processes, but also helps them make reliable and robust. The best part of SAP NetWeaver is that it integrates business processes and applications from any source.

SAP NetWeaver makes this possible through application integration and development in both ABAP and JAVA. SAP NetWeaver consists of many components which an organization can choose to implement. This includes components like SAP Business Information Warehouse BIW, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Business Intelligence BI, SAP XI Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Knowledge Warehouse KW, SAP Master Data Management MDM and so on. All these unique technologies are bundled together in one cool package. Since all these integration packages are built by SAP, the total cost of implementation comes down significantly.

SAP NetWeaver and its components have the necessary flexibility so that complex business scenarios can be easily synchronized in NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver thus enables better enterprise modeling and testing, which is much different from the standard SAP R/3 scenario. So as an enterprise and its processes develop and adapt to best practices over a period of time, SAP NetWeaver can be easily adapted to these new scenarios with minimal cost. This is a win-win situation for enterprises in aligning people, processes and technology into one common platform.


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