How Header Ads Can Help You Make Money


The internet is world of free goodies, from free music, to free movies, to free e-books and for businesses and individuals looking to make money there is free classified ads. A large number of internet users have been using free classified ads for SEO and this is helping their business grow immensely.

Classified ads as most of us know it was  post free classified ads  used to be placed in newspapers and magazines in little black and white boxes. These weren’t very attractive to look at nor were they the cheapest way, as one had to pay per word in the ads. Though these papers and magazines had considerable reach earlier, they cannot compete with the internet’s reach today. The internet reaches out to millions of users who are logged in round the clock across all continents, making it the world’s biggest marketing tool ever.

As the concept gained popularity, so did websites that offered advertising options for free on their sites. Many websites initially allowed people to place their ads with their favorite font, colors and sizes. But today they give you a lot more, such as the option of adding pictures and for tech savvy people, adding animation and special effects to make their ads look appealing to their customers.

The biggest advantage of this free service is that you can practically sell anything under the sun, except the sun, on your free classified ads. Products such as shoes, clothes, accessories, houses, cars, boats, etc. and services such as dating services, legal services, technical assistance, etc. all can be advertised via this tool. The free classified option can also be used to let people know of events that you are hosting such as seminars, exhibition, sales, etc.

There are many different websites that offer this free service to people. Some websites specialize in products or services and some are good for certain countries. So, if you want to sell your car, then look for online websites that have more ads and customers from in or around your area, as putting your ad on a site that has more global clients is a waste of time and energy.

Many people are either unaware or are not sure which website is the right one for them. This isn’t a difficult task, as one has a lot of choices on the web. But to make the most of your free online ads, you must find a website that caters to your needs. Run specific searches, for e.g. if you want to sell houses, type ‘free classified ads for houses’ in the search engine. This will only give you sites that are frequently visited by people looking to buy a house, thus you increase your chance of sale.

After you have made your choice of which website to use, then see if you can read some customer reviews to know more about the site. After that, just place your ad and make it look attractive and as informative as possible. Finally, sit back and relax and see the benefits of free internet services work to your benefit.

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