7 Sure Fire Ways to Know If a Girl Likes You or Not! Now You Will Know How Much She Fancies You


In time past, the conventional fluttering of the eyelashes and a gentle stroke of her hair whenever you are around confirms she likes you… pause! I said in time past. Today’s world is quite different and more fast-paced; you’ll need more than that to confirm if a girl truly likes you. Listed below are some indisputable signs call girls in karachi that will help you confirm if the chick truly have any semblance of likeness for you or otherwise.

Good night calls-
She calls you every night just to say ‘sleep well and have a peaceful night rest’. This is the most definite sign she has fallen for your charm. Sometimes, when she doesn’t call and you don’t either, she feels offended the next time she sees you, and she acts like you have committed a sacrilege.

Lengthy private chats-
The babe likes you if she wants to stretch the chat time everyday; whether at work or school breaks; she is always interested in telling you how her day went, her past experiences (especially about her past romantic life), and more importantly her dreams of the future.

Inquiries about your love life-
The girl is dying to be yours when she starts inquiring into how you manage your love life; if you have a girlfriend; if you are ready to settle down soon, etc.

No pretense-
If a girl truly likes a guy, she tells the whole truth…at least to some extent. She believes you might find out one day, so she aims to start on a clean sheet.

Interest in your well being-
Once she has found out about your new promotion at work or a great academic result, she is the first to call and congratulate you. She truly likes you when she always ask you what you ate, where you got that stain on your tie, or that bruise on your knee, and other issues you see as trivial.

Bump! Bump!! Bump!!! –
That girl seriously likes you when she bumps into you in the lobby or passage way. She is trying to feel you touch, your smell and breath; she’s sizing you up.

Her friends-
That girl is definitely into you when her friends blush and act romantically around you. She has certainly told them what she feels for you and how you make her head swell whenever she sees you.

Just don’t rush it. Take it slow, let her take her time. Remember the love game is like a big jungle. You are the lion king and should be a master in the stalking game. Once she shows these signs, she becomes your prey, wait, and she will definitely come to daddy!

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